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Our Services

We offer a variety of services for dogs.  Pricing is based on the size of dog and breed, condition of hair, services required, and cooperation of our furry friend. 

Rabies vaccinations are recommended.

To book any service please call 970-531-3659.

  • Includes a Wash, Dry, Brush, Cut, Sanitary Trim, Pads, Nails and Ears.
    Starting at $65
  • Includes a Wash, Dry and Nails.
    Starting at $55
  • Starting at $25/30 min.
    Starting at $25
  • Starting at $10.
    Starting at $10
  • Professional Shampoo, Conditioner, Loop, Brush, Towel and Dryer.
    20 US dollars
  • PlaqClnz treatment helps reduces plaque and tarter without brushing.
    7 US dollars
  • Get a sanitary trim for your pup starting at $10.
    Starting at $10
  • Ear Cleaning with Hair Plucking available for $10.
    10 US dollars
  • Best friend have a sore paw? Get paw balm to relieve your furry friend
    5 US dollars
  • Dog nail painting &/or hair color available for $12/ea or $20 for both
    12 US dollars
  • Bring your puppy in to get them acquainted with your groomer.
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